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Trussing represents the building blocks of every big event. Whether 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-point truss, you will find it in theatres, on stages, at fairs and concerts in the form of decorations, permanent installations or architectural constructs. Because they are often subjected to heavy loadings, for example through lighting and PA equipment, quality should always come first. For this reason, we sell truss by Prolyte, a worldwide leading manufacturer of truss equipment.

Products by the Dutch company are used by many big event organisers for events of all kinds, and that for good reason. Prolyte sets itself apart through a unique customer-service and high-quality products. But safety is definitely their first priority. All of their products are made of the best materials and undergo strict quality controls. They are guaranteed to always comply with the latest DIN and EN norms. In order to be the first ones to react to amendments to the law, Prolyte employees are part of industry-specific EU committees which set the safety standards in the industry. This enables them to always be ahead of their competitors.

Unique is also the flexibility of their product range. Customers can order custom truss and stage constructions. So, if the conventional designs don?t fit your needs, no worries. Just let us know and we will contact the manufacturer for you! Prolyte?s factory is situated in Europe, which makes it possible for shipments to reach every event location in no time.

Another aspect which makes the truss special is that it comes with a serial number. This enables you to easily distinguish your trussing from everyone else?s. Unique are also the Prolyte hybrid couplers. These are colour coded and marked with a logo (blue with Prolyte logo). If the quantity you order exceeds 3000 coupler, it is possible to get them in your company?s colours and with your company?s logo printed on them.

The innovative Verto coupling system was introduced in 2006: quick, quiet and tool-less.

Prolyte trussing represents highest safety standards and quality for fair prices.