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Transport cars and racks

Transport Cars and Racks

The topic of transport dollies is no small issue, because nothing damages expensive equipment more than negligent transport and unsafe storage. Investing in the right transporting solutions makes the assembly and dismantling of stages nearly effortless for the workers. For these reasons, Admiral has set itself the task of coming up with ergonomically designed and cleverly devised dollies and meatracks for the transport of stage decks, truss, baseplates, lighting equipment, cables and smaller tools. 

The StageDex dollies are best combined with Prolyte?s Basicline and Topline, which are indoor and outdoor decks. The dollies have lengths of 1m or 2m and can carry up to 6 decks. To ensure a smooth handling you can insert the decks at an angle and then tilt them until they reach 90°. They are then secured to the side of wagon via a bolt. This process is back-friendly and time-saving. But there is also the StageDex transporter PRO. It is truly unique because it is the only dolly available which can fit beneath 40cm stages and be stored there.

When it comes to the transport of truss you can choose between multiple options. One of them is the Strong Boy which consists of a steel base and is coated in zinc to increase its durability and longevity. It is also equipped with rubber studs which provide optimal friction between the truss and the base and make it suitable for 30 and 40 truss. But, if you desire more flexibility you should have a look at Admiral?s Teckel system. A Teckel is a metal beam to which 2 castors can be fastened to. If you connect two Teckels which each other via two metal tubes you get a simple transport solution for truss. You can freely combine Teckels with each other so that they fit all kinds of truss? lengths. Skid-resistance and safety are of course guaranteed.

The transport of baseplates is very similar to the transport of stage decks. Here, the dolly consists of two individual components: the flightcase and holders, which can also be purchased separately. They are available in different sizes and are suited for 6mm, 8mm and 10mm wide and 73cm, 80cm and 100cm long baseplates. It is of course possible to also carry all necessary connectors in the dolly itself.

And don?t worry, Admiral hasn?t forgotten about your lighting equipment. They have designed meatracks of various widths and 110cm or 203cm heights. Fitting the racks with several metal tubes allows you to transport as many moving heads, lighting bars, spotlights, etc. as you need.

And last but not least, there are the cable racks. They come with 80mm wide brackets which are fitted to metal beams which prevent the cables from bending and damaging their internal wiring. Here, the placement of the brackets is completely up to you.