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Stage decks are one of the cornerstones of stage constructions. Without them many shows, such as concerts, fashion shows or product presentations, would only be half as successful. They are however also very popular with smaller clubs, schools and theatre productions. Because stages constantly have to bear high weights they have to follow the newest safety regulations. For all of the above reasons we distribute high-quality stage decks by Prolyte.

This Dutch company?s product range of staging equipment includes decks, legs, stairs, ramps and railings. The decks designed for indoor use are called Basicline. Those intended for outdoor use are the so-called WeatherLine/BasicTop and the Topline, which is able to carry heavy duty railings with a weight of up to 100kg per meter. All deck elements are made of high-quality wood and their surfaces are coated in water resistant and non-slip materials. The Basicline however is also available with a transparent or frosted acrylate surface. The decks come in standard sizes of 2x1m, 1x1m, 2x0.5m and 1x0.5m and also come as corners and circles. With these platforms it is super easy and quick to create a multitude of stage layouts. But sometimes you might simply not be able to find the exact piece you are looking for. If that is the case, no worries! Prolyte is always willing to create custom solutions for your staging needs. They also design big stages with a Prolyte EasyFrame system substructure or a Layher substructure. Because their factory is located in central Europe, quick and smooth shipment is guaranteed.

All of the aforementioned decks possess a standard middle beam. This gives the stage greater stability and reduces noise and vibrations. It also ensures that the platforms can carry a load of up to 750kg per m². What really sets Prolyte apart however is that they let their customers know which parts of the stage are able to bear how much weight. None of their competitors offer this degree of customer service. Their stage decks furthermore don?t possess any plastic parts which could break and hurt the construction workers.

But what makes assembling these stages so quick and easy? One of the contributing factors is Prolyte?s unique system of standard, adjustable and telescopic legs. They offer heights of up to 1.7m and are connected to the decks through the simple switch of a lever. But connecting individual decks to each other is also super easy, thanks to the deck-to-deck clamps.

When it comes to safety, Prolyte is always one step ahead of its competitors. Their products adhere to the newest German and European safety regulations like DIN (DIN 15921 especially) and EN.

For fair prices you can therefore get high-quality and durable products which are sure to perform exceptionally at all kinds of events.