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The most important aspect of rigging is safety, and not just the safety of the performers and audience but also the safety of the rigger. To ensure that your team is well equipped for every event, we offer equipment such as couplers, PSA, safeties, straps and much more by the companies Admiral, Edelrid and Safetex.

Admiral is a Dutch company which produces couplers, clamps, gismos, cable guides and a modular rigging system.  All of their products are TÜV certified and fulfil the newest safety standards. Because the company only uses high-quality materials during the production process the durability and robustness of their products increases significantly. With their innovative modular rigging series, Admiral has developed a unique system which is best suited for permanent installations, showrooms and mobile applications. This series includes downriggers, floor racks, drop arms and single racks which allow you to place spotlights at various heights and thus create impressive lighting effects. Other revolutionary innovations are the so-called Snake Cable Guides. These cable guide systems are most useful in the theatre and for permanent installations. They are available at different widths and lengths, in black or silver and can be coated in any RAL colour, on request. 

Edelrid produces safety equipment for all of those working in great heights. This German company?s product range includes PSA, rope, helmets, karabiner, clamps, slings and casters. All of their products are ?Made in Germany? and comply with the newest safety regulations. Ever since their founding in 1863, they value innovation and outstanding quality very highly. For these reasons you can always rely on their equipment to keep you safe.

And last but not least, there are shackles, safety wires, round slings, and straps by Safetex. The company specialises in producing everything that a rigger might need to do his job safely. Their products are top-quality and go through rigorous quality controls and fulfil all German and European safety standards. Their blackline, straps and round slings have been manufactured here in Germany, according to the following principles: high performance, high durability and a carefully thought out design. Another aspect which sets them apart from their competitors is their customer oriented flexibility. So if you ever find yourself in need of custom designs, no problem. Safetex will come up with solutions tailored to your wishes.